China E-Commerce Hits RMB 13.4 Trillion in 2014, Up 31.4% Y-o-Y

China's e-commerce sector racked up RMB 13.4 trillion in sales during 2014, up 31.4% y-o-y. Business-to-business transactions increased 21.9% y-o-y to a total of RMB 10 trilllion, while online retail sales grew to RMB 2.82 trillion, a y-o-y jump of 49.7% y-o-y, according to the National Bureau of Statistics.

Such figures confirm that the action is currently all online as players like Alibaba and 360buy are ramping up their offerings. This holds major opportunities for investors, particularly in the infrastructure that supports the market, namely logistics properties, such as GLP and Goodman, and third-party delivery companies, such as SF Express and DHL.

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