Asia-Pacific’s Fishy Problems & Opportunities

We have previously highlighted water as a major resource constraint facing countries in the Asia-Pacific region and a recent report by the Food and Agricultural Organisation reveals an added dimension that will place extra pressure on water resources during the next thirty years.

According to their analysis, demand for fish will expand rapidly in the coming years, with particular increases coming in China and India because evolving diets and increased demand for protein will drive increased consumption of both freshwater fish and sea fish.

They are projecting that demand in China and India alone will increase 60% and 82%, respectively to 57.3 and 10.1 million tonnes by 2030. What’s assumed is that these respective countries will be able to raise production to meet this demand, with China expected to produce 68.9 million tonnes and India 12.7 million tonnes by 2030.

Achieving this feat, while maintaining internal water resources will present a huge challenge for each country and place even more emphasis on improving management. We have already written about Singapore’s comprehensive water strategy, but the scale of the scale of the challenges are significantly larger in Asia’s two largest economies. In future posts, we will look at strategies from the respective countries.

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