China Leads the Pacific in Income Growth

The Brookings Institute's Pacific Metro Monitor shows that income growth in Chinese cities massively outstripped other cities in the Asia Pacific region in 2014.

Urban Income & Employment Growth (YoY%), APAC Regions Compared, 2013-2014

Source: Brookings Institute: APAC Metro Monitor, 2014

Top cities for annual income growth in China included Hefei (10%), Xiamen (9.0%), Wuhan (8.6%), and Chengdu (8.3%) and Kunming (8.3%), offering proof that the mainland's lower-tier cities are benefiting from the rebalancing of China's economy with the inward migration of industry from China's coastal regions.

That said, employment growth in China lags behind income increases, indicating that tension still remains between China's economic growth - still largely through investment projects - and its ability to generate employment for its massive population.