Five Defining Features of Asia Pacific’s HNWI Population in 2015

July 17, 2016

The Asia Pacific region saw slower economic growth in 2015 but that didn’t stop the number of high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) and their aggregate wealth from expanding, according to research by CapGemini, a financial services firm.


CapGemini classifies HNWIs as those with more than US$ 1 million in investable wealth and here are five ways this market in the Asia Pacific region evolved in 2015:


#1: Total HNWIs in Asia Pacific grew 9.4% YoY to 5.1 million


The total amount of people classed as high-net-worth in the Asia-Pacific region grew to 5.1 million, accounting for a third of the 15.4 million total estimated globally and exceeding the 4.8 million estimated for North America, and the 4.2 million estimated for Europe.


Fig. 1: Global Distribution of HNWIs, 2010-2015

Source: CapGemini, Global Wealth Report 2016



#2: Asia-Pacific HNWIs saw their accumulated wealth grow to $17.4 trillion


Asia-Pacific’s HNWIs sat on a total of  US$17.4 trillion at the end of 2015, a 9.4% increase compared with 2014 which moved the region ahead of the US$16.6 trillion in aggregate wealth marked down for North America.


Fig. 2: Total Wealth of Global HNWIs, 2010-2015 (US$ Trillions)

Source: CapGemini, Global Wealth Report 2016


#3: The total number of HNWIs grew fastest in China and Japan


Japan and China had 2,720 and 1,034 HNWIs, respectively, at the end of 2015, up 11% and 16% y-o-y, according to CapGemini. All this occurred despite slower growth and a weaker stock market in China, and the Japanese government’s stalling stimulus program.


#4: Compared to other regions, Asia Pacific HNWIs are more internationally-minded


67.8% of Asia-Pacific HNWIs surveyed in the report reported that they held investments outside of their own country, compared with 53.% in North America, 49.7% in Europe and a global average of 53.9%.


#5: The total wealth of Asia-Pacific HNWIs is estimated to grow to US$ 42.1 Trillion by 2025


Asia-Pacific HNWIs are here to stay and will constitute the largest and fastest growing wealth market in the world by 2025, with wealth growth of 142% expected in the region, compared with 54.4% in North America and 80.7% for the world as a whole.


Fig.3: HNWI Wealth Projection, 2006-2025

 Source: CapGemini, Global Wealth Report 2016

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